Reducing the Mean-Time-To-Detection (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Response (MTTR) for security events is quickly becoming a key performance metric for most CIOs, paving the way for advanced Cyber Threat Management (CTM) programs. SIEMs and traditional MSSs have been adopted to help, but more context and faster risk analysis is needed to quickly classify and respond to emerging threats.


LATUS supports our clients with practical strategies and service offerings to execute on these initiatives, including fully managed or co-sourced options. In this model we provide you access to the right mix of people, process and technologies to maximize your ROI and make these projects a huge success.


Advanced threat correlation augmented by big data, machine learning, and a CMDB

  • Allows for advanced data analysis
  • Enriched by external threat information
  • Enables network discovery, asset information, configuration management data, and vulnerability information to be used in security event correlation and prioritization
  • Behavior analysis and anomaly detection can be applied to users, applications, network, and devices

RESULT: Stronger Root Cause Analysis = Reduction in MTTD


    • 24/7 Eyes-on-Glass by an entirely US based staff that’s been doing it for over 13 years.
    • Vast experience supporting large enterprise, government, and mid-market clientele in very demanding security environments, references available.
    • Joint run-book is developed, updated, and managed with your team.
    • Ability to manage almost any third party security system on the market.
      Types include: NAC, SIEM, IPS, FW, Web Application FW, Proxy, Malware Sandbox, identity management, endpoint security, etc.
    • Advanced remediation services that take the incident management cycle all the way through the remediation phase, including forensics.

RESULT: Faster Incident Resolution = Reduction in MTTR

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